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NWQL Water-Resources Reports

new Techniques and Methods (TM) - Sandstrom, M.W., Kanagy, L.K., Anderson, C.A., and Kanagy, C.J., 2015, Determination of pesticides and pesticide degradates in filtered water by direct aqueous-injection liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods book 5, chap. B11, 73 p.

new Scientific Investigation Reports (SIR) - Patton, C.J., and Kryskalla, J.R., 2013, Analytical properties of some commercially available nitrate reductase enzymes evaluated as replacements of nitrate plus nitrite in water: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013-5033, 36 p.

Fact Sheets (FS) - Water Fact Sheets are concise and timely publications that increase the understanding and visibility of WRD activities and accomplishments. They describe water-resources topics to either a general or professional office.

Open-File Reports (OFR) - Open File Reports make available timely information about WRD programs, projects, products, and water-resources topics.

Professional Papers (PP) - This series is commonly used for summaries of wide popular, scientific, or geographic interest, and for significant scientific contributions. Professional Papers present comprehensive or topical reports on any field in the earth sciences.

Techniques and Methods (TM) - This series consists of reports on methods and techniques used in collecting, analyzing, and processing hydrologic data for a technically oriented audience.

Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations (TWRI) - This series consists of reports on methods and techniques used in collecting analyzing and processing hydrologic data for a technically oriented audience.

Water-Resources Investigations Reports (WRIR) - The WRIR series includes comprehensive or topical interpretive reports that are mainly of local or short-term interest to interdisciplinary audiences or reports that should be published quickly.

Water Supply Papers (WSP) - Water Supply Papers present significant interpretive results of hydrologic investigations of broader than local interest.

new   Other Papers & Publications - For papers, chapters, and reports not fitting in other classifications.

All NWQL Water-Resources Publications - All publications above, listed alphabetically by author.

Other Water-Resources Articles

Journal articles - Journal articles with an NWQL author.

NWQL Technical Memoranda - Electronic Technical Memoranda released by the NWQL from 1992 to present.

Archived Pages

NWQL Newsletters - NWQL news published as a U.S. Geological Survey Newsletter for information only - not to be cited as a publication.

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